Friday, February 10, 2017

Image result for american horror story cast season 1My favorite TV series is AHS (American Horror Story).  It's a horror and anthology series. My favorite season is Murder House. A family moves into a house that's haunted by the previous residence because they were murdered in there. And every previous owner was, too. There's a lot of plot twists and parts that make you jump. That's one of the reasons why I like this series. I love scary movies. 
Another series I enjoy watching is Once Upon A Time. It has all the fairy tales and it incorporates them all into one connected story in modern time. I've always loved myths and fairy tales. I like how this series connects all the fairy tales into one long, related plot. It starts with the Snow White story and the Evil Queen is angry at Snow White for something she had done. She curses the land all the fairy tale people live in and it forces them to live in our modern world. They also forget their pasts. The whole series is based on a women the curse and returning every back to their home land while discovering who she is, who her parents are, and where she belongs.Image result for once upon a time cover photos